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Created 27-Sep-21
Modified 24-Aug-23
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Klifbrekkufossar is the leading actor on a natural stage which includes multiple waterfalls and rivulets, verdant moss-laden mountains and valleys, a fjord and a few sheep. A series of seven tiered waterfalls, Klifbrekkufossar, is set between huge cliffs at the bottom of the fjord Mjóifjörður. Around 90 meters high, the falls can best be viewed from the roadside. The scenic 17 km gravel Rt. 953 drive to the bottom of the fjord is an adventure only accessible from June until September as the mountain pass leading to the narrow fjord is closed in winter. Driving this road requires intense concentration and focus in dealing with its reality (i. e., narrow, winding, steep, and multiple switchbacks) before reaching Klifbrekkufossar. And while 4wd isn't required, it would certainly be advantageous (as I learned).

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