Greetings.  My name is Ian Leslie Harry, a self-taught landscape, travel and nature photographer—a Photographic Artist—currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.  From an early interest in nature and science, I was schooled as an engineer, and have lived in and traveled to many parts of the U. S. and the world for nearly 50 years.  Many of the subjects of my images either involve or are around water in its many forms (e.g. lakes, seas, oceans, clouds, rain, mist, fog, waterfalls, rivers and rivulets).  I have had this fascination with water for my entire life; and, have expanded it to additional elements of nature including lava, volcanoes, glaciers, mountains, canyons and sunsets.  My intent is to capture and highlight moments that will stimulate and expand your interest and enjoyment of nature and travel.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.