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The Reykjanes Peninsula, which runs along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (where the North American and Eurasian plates are drifting apart), is volcanically active and earthquakes are very common. Reykjanes has a number of scenic gems including the famous Blue Lagoon, endless lava fields, multiple volcanoes (including the recently erupting Fagradalsfjall (see Gallery), areas of heightened geothermal activity and stunning lava coastlines.

Two of the main geothermal areas of are Krysuvik (with its dramatic Seltún geothermal field of volcanic fumeroles, multi-colored mud pools, and numerous boiling hot springs) and Gunnuhver (with bubbling mud pools, boiling water, constantly venting steam and the pungent smell of sulphur).

The rugged coastal area is Valahnukamol (with lava cliffs and sea stacks) and breath-taking breaker waves which have battered and shaped the coastline. Alongside the towering sea cliffs is a green moss-topped hill/mountain, Valahnjúkur, which provides outstanding views and perspectives of the coastline.

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