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Created 8-Nov-21
Modified 22-Mar-23
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Thjórsárdalur Valley is in south Iceland near the Highlands with an abundance of natural sites including Hekla (one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes), Gjain (a fairytale-like oasis of small rivers, lava formations, ponds, and waterfalls), Hjalparfoss (a waterfall with the conjoining of the Thjorsa and Fossa rivers), Haifoss & Granni (two of Iceland’s tallest and most dramatic waterfalls), Thjorsa Lava Field (the largest in Iceland), and Burfell woods (a particularly large forest for Iceland). Visiting this valley and its sites in September with their autumn colors was the icing on the cake! Curently, this gallery consists of images of Gjain and Hjalparfoss; but, I bet you can guess where my first stop will be on my return to Iceland.

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